Facebook and "Haram Culture"

Regarding Facebook in the Arabic-speaking world and Haram culture; it is no secret that the “Arab Facebook” is practicing religious and sexual oppression of all kinds on those who try to grow intellectually from the mindset of their parents’ and grandparents’ generational mindsets. This intellectual growth is considered an abnormal person in Islamic countries so the communities practice various types of bullying – ranging from threats to sometimes even physical harm.

Facebook’s lack of attention to the radicalization problem has facilitated the promotion of hate speech in so many forms in the Arabic language and even led to Sharia-inspired murders. Under religious reasons, and there have been several crimes, including the murder of Naba al-Jubouri, an 18-year-old Iraqi woman, because her photos and videos were leaked and shared on popular Iraqi Facebook pages. Comments on those Facebook pages contained fervent support by the vast majority of Arabic-speaking Facebook users who also expressed joy about her death in what they call "honor killings.”

The victim, Naba al-Jubouri

Crimes Facebook has also overlooked include many Islamic extremists who have joined the ranks of Daesh aka "ISIS" and other Islamic extremists who typically engage through well-known pages run by Muslim sheikhs or imams. One such Facebook page includes a well-known Muslim sheikh named Muhammad al-Arifi who was posting his videos calling for jihad in Syria and Iraq on a Facebook public figure page.

The page still exists and is documented with a blue verification badge which is obtained through confirmation by Facebook itself. 

Sheikh Muhammad al Arifi's Facebook page with a blue verification badge from Facebook

This is not the only page on Facebook that calls for Islamic extremism.

There are a lot of hardline Islamic sheikhs with accounts on Facebook who found a wide platform for the dissemination of hate speech with funded advertising.

Some Arabic-speaking human rights activists have tried to inform the Facebook administration.

 The contents of these extremist pages are dangerous, but the corporate response to peace activists from the Arabic-speaking world is that extremist Islamic content or videos “do not violate Facebook's policy” or “does not go against Facebook standards,” when these pages clearly call for violence.

On the other side of “Facebook policy,” Arabic-speaking human rights activists such as liberty-minded, free thinker, feminist, and secular critics suffer. Facebook has been in fact targeting their pages, accounts, and groups without any reason because, curiously, pages from Arabic-speaking secular activists who are simply advocating for equality and modernization are targeted for action by Facebook and many have been shut down or permanently deleted for “violating Facebook policy.”

Written by Worood Zuhair 

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