Patriarchy Science

It is no secret that science and literature throughout history have been published with male mentalities almost all scientific or literary books, whether you are in the East or the West.

 Male science is the practice, realization or adoption of the male viewpoint as a central basis for the human vision for the world, culture and history.  In most countries claiming gender equality, this is evidenced by the fact that males almost exclusively acquire scientific institutions and dominate all the joints of sciences, and unfair work for females compared to males for the same job.

 The systematic manipulation and exclusion of females has been systematically carried out by societies, state governments, international media and social media sites.

 The term Male Sciences has many backgrounds.  For example, in the Western world in the past, it was common for males to have a higher level of education than their female counterparts, which resulted in the fact that many of the teaching materials centrally reflect the male view.  Most of today's printed materials, such as books, articles, etc., are written by male authors.

Written by Worood Zuhair

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