To My Future Daughter

To my future daughter

I'm sorry for all situation you go through and I'm not beside you.

I'm sorry for that man who touch you in sexual way when you don't know how to react because you are incennont child.

I'm sorry for the first bullying in school from a boy who doesn't like you.

I'm sorry they keep telling you, you are not strong enough because you are a girl.

I'm sorry for the first time you hear the sentence "men they are smarter than women because you are too emotional".

I'm sorry that you see media keep telling you, you have to be a real woman.

I'm sorry because you see yourself in mirror and you remember the people who criticize your shape.

I'm sorry because you feel stress all the time because staring eyes looking after you when you walk in streets.

I'm sorry because you have the bad experience with abusive sex partner who think you are slut because you had sex with him.

I'm so sorry because the police they don't take you serious when you tell them I was raped.

I'm sorry because you have to work hard but you earn less than your coworker because he is not a female.

I'm sorry you see your coworker get high position in job but you still from 5 years at the same place.

I'm sorry because the society demand and sinful the biological nature inside you.

I'm sorry because the boss force you to leave your work after he made sexual harassment against you.

I'm sorry, you will never have a chance to express yourself in a free way without fears of judging from others.

I'm sorry because the man you loved he break your heart several times but you still think this is his rights because you are not good enough for him.

I'm so sorry for the term single mother that reduce chance to find a good job or a flat to live in peace with your baby.

I'm sorry because you want to hide your story but people they keep asking you very sensitive questions about you.

I'm sorry because you hear all dirty jokes about women age, so they make you afraid from natural process inside you.

I'm sorry because women in politics they don't represent you.

I'm sorry because you will face entire world who already hate you.

Wriiten by Worood Zuhair 

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