Violence against children in Islamic countries

Facebook Arabic site full with videos show violence against children and Facebook in English site blocking Human rights activist for raising awareness about it.

A brother torture his sister in Iraq and the family refuse to release charge against him.

Abusive Lebanese father torture his son.

Abusive males family torture their daughter.

Abusive Iraqi father torture his daughter.

This video released from Saudi Arabia on the Facebook arabic site,for a abusive father he hit a new born baby girl.

This video was published in Facebook Arabic site, under name a Saudi father hit his new born baby.

Facebook Arabic site video show torture of new born baby.

Abusive uncle from Jordan hit his nephew and force him to chew the slipper, this video was published in several page on Facebook arabic site.
The video released from 4 months on Facebook arabic site.

A female child from Iraq she was describe how her father torture her.

Middle Eastern Man shows in a video clip in a car with a child beat him and insists on insulting him by putting slippers in his mouth, and in another video shows a huge eastern man who is violent little girl can barely stand on her feet, and from Iraq also shows an eastern man with his male children They tie a young girl by her feet and abuse her.
In fact, these passages are not transient and are not exceptions, but are part of a daily reality that occurs millions of times in the eastern society of religious patriarchal triblisim nature, which gives the male father an authority called (discipline) and this authority allows him to use the methods that facilitate his psychological and physical violence and torture With premeditation without any moral or legal deterrent because this authority in fact considers the society as part of the gender role of the male father and therefore is responsible for the formation of his children in a way that he wants and moods and according to his mental illness.
These cases are not born today, but they occur continuously and in the majority of Eastern families is the result of a culture that believes in the philosophy of power and male superiority over the female and the largest on the smallest and strong on the weak and popular with the religious state and tribal institutions for being the ideal way to domesticate the people and turn them into herds and reproductions without identity for Individual and no distinct personality.
With the age of the Internet and social media, these cases became available in the form of video clips and became easy to circulate, but is obscured by those who circulate for criticism, especially through reports on Facebook, although in the Facebook policy is not a problem for the circulation clips of violence that were against humanity, on the contrary, we find that Facebook allows the dissemination of these same clips if they are circulated for the purpose of supporting this culture, Facebook in the eastern society behaves supportive behavior for domestic violence, oppression and discrimination in contrast to the image shown in Western society and has always Facebook had connections The Facebook machine is a deadly one-way machine serving the interests of only a certain major group inside countries, Facebook act as a political institution that is hostile to the Enlightenment movements inside Islamic countries. By media repression and denying peoples freedom of expression.
It has become a moral duty today for all the free people around the world to stand united to stop these violations, which are condemned by humanity. If we do not act today, what will we say to our children tomorrow when we leave them to a world full of, violence, abusive and hatred.

Written by Worood Zuhair and Karrar Al Asfor

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